Morph Girl Asks If You Will Reject Or Embrace A Haunting Creature

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Morph Girl asks players if they will reject or embrace the chilling advances of a haunting creature, one that is preying upon a grief-stricken woman who is dealing with the loss of her wife.


Morph Girl uses a VHS-inspired FMV play style, having players work through some scratchy footage and distorted imagery as they follow the story of this creature and Elana’s (the heroine’s) interactions with it. Through exploring her home, dealing with the twisted memories of her lost wife that the creature is drumming up, and the haunting’s chilling presence, players will reach one of multiple conclusions to the story.

Players will be able to make choices during key events in the game, and these will steadily guide the plot in various directions, changing past and present over the course of the game. In these, players can decide whether they wish to join with this haunting and the memories it drums up, or try to fight it off as it moves frighteningly through Elana’s home.


Morph Girl is available now on Steam and

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