Move Over Cooking Mama, We Got Us Some Exciting Sweets Now

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There was so much glitter I was blinded when I opened the website. I really hope that’s sugar in there, because developers Sonic Powered did create From the Abyss… And have now gone beyond 180 degrees right into ultra-cute kids land with their upcoming game Glitter! Exciting Sweets.


The premise? You’re in charge of a patisserie, making everything from éclairs to crepes  to macaroon’s and handling the baking process with mini-games Cooking Mama-style. Except Cooking Mama was boring compared to all that sparkling power of cute that imbues sweets with such delectable taste. Exciting!



Clearly aimed at the young, female audience, the game will also include an entire town chock full of wonderfully lady-like things to do such as a hair salon, library, and regular shops that lets players change their avatar’s hair styles and so forth. There’s also interactions with several NPC’s in between all that baking and shopping. The game boasts some 100 different sweets to make, no mean feat and something to while away the time while you’re possibly baking your own real sweets


Glitter! Exciting Sweets will be out for the Nintendo 3DS this December 12th.

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