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Mrgrgr. Edea Is Back In Bravely Second


Square Enix shared the latest on Bravely Second during a special livestream by Dengeki earlier this morning. After talking about the latest information and revealing the new Exorcist job, they shared a little surprise at the very end of the broadcast.

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Fans have all wondered whether we’ll see other characters from Bravely Default in the sequel, and we now know that Edea will be back in Bravely Second. Producer Tomoya Asano didn’t say when and how, but confirmed that she’ll be back.

To get you up to speed on one of Bravely Default’s fan-favorite characters, Edea Lee is a character that joins Agnes Oblige and her party after opposing the ruthless acts of her father, the Grand Marshal, and the Eternian Forces. While she often displays her hot-headed personality, she’s passionate and harbors a strong sense of justice. She’s also well-known for expressing her frustrations with “mrgrgr”.

So far, we know that Agnes gets kidnapped, during the peace signing ceremony between the Crystal Orthodoxy and the Eternia Dukedom, by an unknown masked man, who goes by “Emperor Oblivion”. Tiz was also heard at the end of a recent trailer as well.

Now that Edea’s return has been confirmed, that  just leaves Ringabel up in the air, as far as the appearances of the four main characters from Bravely Default goes.

Bravely Second will release in Japan on April 23, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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