In Multiplayer Game SurvHive, One Player Is A Disguised Alien Traitor



SurvHive is a multiplayer horror FPS where one character is secretly a disguised alien traitor, pitting players against each other in a race to eliminate the creature before it infects all of them.




Players can choose from several classes like scientist, engineer, soldier, and cultist, each with their own abilities to help with alien detection or combat. They also have access to several firearms, turrets, and cloaking devices, and can demand blood tests be performed to make sure all of the players are who they say they are.




Aliens can infect other members of the crew to turn them to their cause. They can also mutate over play, gaining abilities, like wall climbing, that will aid with stealth. Aliens can also attack aggressively when cornered or should the player desire to.




SurvHive will release on Steam Early Access on August 1.

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