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Multiplayer Robot Battler Blade Ballet Heading To PS4


Developer DreamSail Games has now announced that its four-player arena battler Blade Ballet will be available on PlayStation 4. Previously, it was confirmed only for PC.


Blade Ballet is a local multiplayer game that lets you choose to play as one of 10 unique robots. They’re unique in that they each have individual weapons and abilities you’ll have to make use of to overcome your enemies in battle.


“Sneaky cheaters bypass shields. Demolitions experts bent on destruction hurl explosives across the screen. And my personal favorite smashes its competitors with a giant wrecking ball,” explains Kevin Porras, DreamSail’s co-founder.


On top of that, the arenas that you’ll fight in have a range of interactive elements that can change the course of battle – one of them lets you direct harmful lasers at each other.

Chris Priestman