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Muramasa Rebirth’s Fourth DLC Is About A Powerful Little Demon Girl




Producer Yoshifumi Hahsimoto told Siliconera during E3 that the third and fourth DLC Genroku Legends chapters for Murasama Rebirth will be released soon. Now that we already got the third one, here’s a little look at what’s coming in the fourth chapter.


The fourth of the Genroku Legends chapter is called “Tsunokakushi Onna Jigoku” and it features the Oni Musume, or Demon Girl who has the ability to grow older or transform into a much larger and powerful demon.


The story revolves around a prodigal guy named Seikichi, who goes around chasing all the women around him. He wasn’t too fond of the Buddhist monks, so after leaving the temple, he runs into the Demon Girl.


However, due to some sort of misunderstanding, it seems like she has fallen for him, and he must get away. Will he be able to escape from the cute little demon girl so he can go back to his ways of a womanizer? 


Seikichi’s fate will be told in Muramasa Rebirth’s fourth chapter of the Genroku Legends when it gets released in Japan on August 28, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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