Murasaki Shion and Minato Aqua on Hiatus Due to COVID-19

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VTubers Murasaki Shion and Minato Aqua of Hololive tested positive for COVID-19. The news came from the official Twitter account for the company. The two of them will go on a temporary hiatus in order to recover. The dates of their return will appear on social media.

Shion uploaded a Twitter Voice clip saying that her throat hurts and she feels terrible. She can’t speak in a loud voice because of her condition, and she has a fever of about 39 degrees Celsius (102.2 Fahrenheit). She noted that she’s barely clinging onto life (hopefully an exaggeration), and that she will return to streaming as soon as she’s better.

Minato Aqua also posted several updates on the situation. About ten hours before Cover’s announcement, she stated that she’s had a fever of 39 degrees Celsius since the day before. She also uploaded a voice clip of herself saying “Yahoo!” twice. We can see her voice sounds very hoarse compared to normal. She stated that she only went out once during Golden Week, which was when she caught the virus.

Both Murasaki Shion and Minato Aqua are on hiatus due to COVID-19. Laplus Darkness, another Hololive VTuber, is also on break due to the virus. More information on the three’s return will appear on Cover’s social media accounts when they recover.

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