Murderous Visual Novel Quantum Suicide Returns To Kickstarter


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After failing to reach its funding goal on Kickstarter previously, developer Cotton Candy Cyanide has returned to Kickstarter with its visual novel Quantum Suicide, and it seems that this time it will surpass its funding goal.

Quantum Suicide has a playable demo you can download here. It has also been Greenlit for a release on Steam scheduled for June 2016. It has six romance options (three men, three women), Japanese voice acting, over 50 hours of gameplay, and over 30 different endings. It does not have any adult content.

The majority of the funding made through Kickstarter will go towards the production of about 60 CG scenes, with other bits going towards music and Kickstarter fees.

Here’s the story summary:

“You play as a researcher aboard a spaceship on an epic mission to find humanity a new home. The mission is jeopardized by a corrupted A.I system that forces you to play “The Deletion Game”, a weekly game where you must battle your crew mates for survival.

Prepare to make both friends and enemies of your crew members as you play through a series of puzzles and strategy mini-games. Can you see the Everett’s mission through to the end…alive?”

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