Mutant Animals Await Your Smooth Punch & Kick Combos In F.A.R.M.

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Fight Against the Revenge of the Mutants (or F.A.R.M.) drops the player into a world filled with angry mutant rats, cats, wolves, and other humanoid beasts, all of them itching to punch and kick them to death in this sidescrolling beat ‘em up.




Players will have access to an array of fighters to stop the insurgence of hostile animals, drawing from human forces as well as their own mutants. Ricardo the bull offers high-powered punches, the Battle Turtle uses a spiked shell and hammer to dole out pain, Gal flies around the map with a flurry of quick combos, Tsong Doo is a rad-haired bird with Muay Thai attacks, and F. Norris likes to toss his opponents to the ground.


Players will be able to join up to two other players for three player matches, crushing the opposition together through the game’s story mode. A score attack mode will also let players vie for the highest points, should they wish to compete amongst each other. They can also play an available versus mode, which will let the players choose from characters and bosses to duke it out, one-on-one. 




Mangling mutants in F.A.R.M. will also steadily unlock new characters and other various extras, giving players a little something extra to work towards as they fight their way through the game’s streets, caves, and forests.


F.A.R.M. is still in development. Players interested in future details can follow the game’s development on Twitter or through the developer’s blog.

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