Muv-Luv Expo: Summer of (Muv)Luv Will Open on July 1, 2020

Muv-Luv Expo

Fans of the Muv-Luv franchise have had a lot of info to chew on over the last few weeks, but it has to be said that that chewing can be harder for fans who don’t speak or read Japanese. And with Muv-Luv being a pretty popular brand, there are plenty of those. Fear not, for aNCHOR has you covered with a Muv-Luv Expo: The Summer of (Muv)Luv event, coming on July 1, 2020.

According to the official site, aNCHOR planned to attend this year’s Anime Expo, but unfortunately 2020 happened. Muv-Luv Expo: The Summer of (Muv)Luv is the developer’s way of putting that info out, by redirecting the resources that would’ve been spent on Anime Expo attendance to facilitating an online-only event that any fan of Muv-Luv can enjoy. Other than the planned July 1, 2020 date, not much other information was made available. According to a countdown timer on the teaser site, more will be revealed in a week on June 19, 2020.

All things considered, it’s probably wise not to expect a huge amount of surprises from the event. The current slate of Muv-Luv related projects got a series of trailers back in May 2020. Barring an announcement that they’ve been keeping under wraps (entirely possible), it’s most likely we’ll see information about localization plans for Project Mikhail, Project Immortal, and the planned Muv-Luv Alternative anime adaptation.

In any case, we’ll see what happens at Muv-Luv Expo: The Summer of (Muv)Luv on July 1, 2020. Players with a hundred hours or so to burn could also play through Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative, both available now on PC via Steam./

Josh Tolentino
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