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Muv-Luv Kickstarter Gets One Final Stretch Goal



One final stretch goal has been revealed for the Muv-Luv trilogy on Kickstarter.


If $900,000 can be reached before the Kickstarter ends then physical versions of the Muv-Luv Alternative CODEX will be possible. These will be added to all $300 funding tiers on the Kickstarter at no extra cost.


A new $220 tier will also be added so you can get a physical box of your choice plus the CODEX. And a new $80 tier will also be added in case anyone wants the physical CODEX by itself.


“And last but not least,” the Muv Luv team writes, “as a reward for everyone’s efforts, we will be adding a bonus, limited edition Sumika Figma to every Collector’s Box.” You can see it above.


The Kickstarter update that announced this final stretch goal also has more details on a couple of reward changes, the chosen artist for the pillowcases, some newly revealed tapestries, and a work-in-progress look at the Destroyer-Class BETA plushie.

Chris Priestman