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Muv Luv Trilogy Will Get A Physical Version For PlayStation Vita



The Muv Luv team has announced that the Muv Luv Trilogy will be getting a physical version for PlayStation Vita when it comes to the west.


The physical version for PS Vita is available in two different forms on the Muv Luv Trilogy’s Kickstarter page. For $80, you can get a complete physical copy of the trilogy for PS Vita.


However, for $150 you can get a physical copy of the trilogy for PS Vita in a signed collector’s display box. “Comes with a Kickstarter Special Artbook full of prototypes and exclusive content,” notes the Muv Luv team. “You’ll also get the Master OST Collection of the trilogy in a physical DVD format.


If you do pledge $150 or above to the Kickstarter then you’ll also get all of the digital stretch goal items for free once they’re unlocked.

Chris Priestman