My Hero Academia Manga to Go on Hiatus for Two Weeks

my hero academia hiatus

Due to Kohei Horikoshi’s health concerns, the My Hero Academia manga will go on a two-week hiatus. It will not appear in issues 15 and 16 of Weekly Shonen Jump. However, it should resume in the seventeenth issue. Should there be any complications in Horikoshi’s condition, however, this hiatus may last a bit longer. [Thanks, ryokutya2089!]

Currently, My Hero Academia is in the midst of its Final War Arc. This appears to be the climax of the series. The heroes and the villains are facing off against each other and the stakes are high. While this certainly does seem like the actual and literal final battle that Izuku may need to deal with, there is no telling when My Hero Academia will end.

My Hero Academia is a massively popular anime and manga series that follows Izuku Midoriya, or “Deku,” which is both his nickname and his heroic alter ego. Despite his childhood dream of becoming a superhero, he did not have a Quirk at birth. A Quirk is basically a superpower. But then he meets his hero All Might, who bestows upon him the powerful Quirk One For All. Thus begins Izuku’s training to become the number one hero.

My Hero Academia runs weekly in Weekly Shonen Jump and Viz Media handles its North American localization. The anime adaptation is streaming on Crunchyroll. The current hiatus for the My Hero Academia manga will last two weeks.

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