My Hero Academia: Ultra Impact Closed Beta Test Will Begin in November 2020

My Hero Academia Ultra Impact Closed Beta Test

The very recently announced My Hero Academia: Ultra Impact closed beta test will be available for Japanese users to participate in for one weekend in November 2020. Specifically, Android users will be able to access the closed beta test between November 6-9, 2020. Capacity for the closed beta test is limited, so those interested will want to immediately sign up. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Only around 7,000 users will be able to participate in the closed beta test. Participants will be able to sign up through the official My Hero Academia: Ultra Impact website. Features that will be available in this early closed beta test will include the ability to use the gacha system to obtain characters, customize your base, and engage in battles. The mobile game will feature unique artwork players will be able to set as their home screen.

You can take a look at My Hero Academia: Ultra Impact screenshots below.

My Hero Academia: Ultra Impact will include a story mode when the full version of the game is released. Players will be able to engage in scenes from the manga and anime as they fight against villains seen in My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia: Ultra Impact closed beta test will run November 6-9, 2020, and the full game will release in Japan for iOS and Android devices in 2021.

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