Japan’s My Nintendo App Lets You Track Play Times and Earned Points

My Nintendo

Nintendo released a smartphone app for the My Nintendo service, which is separate from the currently available Nintendo Switch Online app which works with games with online functionality. Currently, the app is only available within Japan.

The app is free and focuses on providing updates with the latest news on topics, such as game software and other goods. You can also follow certain topics or games in order to get the latest news on that particular game.

Additionally, you can also login to your account, where Gold Points and Platinum Points are collected, and spend them in the store without needing to login via a browser. By logging in, you can also check your records and Nintendo Switch play time for software. If you have connected your Nintendo Account with the Nintendo Network ID (NNID), which was used for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, you’ll be able to check those records as well.

While you could check Wii U and 3DS play times on those consoles separately via different functions or programs, the Nintendo Switch lacks a similar function. It only shows the total amount of play time, so this is great for those who like to look over those records.

My Nintendo My Nintendo

The My Nintendo app is now available in Japan. The app will likely come to other regions in the near future.

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