My Poison Princess Is Still Cute Is a Fun Romantic Comedy Manga
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My Poison Princess Is Still Cute Is Such a Fun Romantic Comedy 

My Poison Princess is Still Cute is one of the romantic comedy manga series I’m most excited about at the moment, because the premise of this Yen Press series is so delightfully simple and goofy. Each chapter is this self-contained slice building on the relationship of former enemies married as part of a political agreement, but it works because each one is such a genuinely nice and affable person who does like their spouse.

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Humans and demons used to be at war, with the immortal Loren and princess Raffy being the secret weapons of both armies. As part of a peace agreement, a political arrangement was made between the two of them. It was thought to be advantageous for many reasons. Part of which being that Raffy occasionally lets off a hazardous poison mist, and Loren revives even if it kills him. 

However, while the union was for business purposes, the first few chapters reveal it isn’t all business for Loren. He fell in love at first sight with Raffy on the battlefield — she is incredibly cute — and also admired her actions as a warrior who would even try to limit casualties and enemies’ deaths with her poison spread. Meanwhile, poor Raffy hasn’t really had a chance to get near people and is incredibly socially awkward because of her poisonous nature. Some of the only people we see in Loren and her home are two doll maids (immune to her poison) and a ghost butler (also immune). She desperately wants to be close to people, and she also seems equally struck by Loren.

Which means anyone who reads through this romantic comedy manga gets to delight in watching a couple that does clearly have feelings for each other, admire each other, and want to grow coming together. Loren is a perfect gentleman, mentioning starting as friends and even just sharing a handshake or holding hands as they both grow more comfortable with each other. Raffy starts considering the sources of her poisonous outbreaks and coming to terms with breaking harmful habits and restrictions on herself. But all of this is handled in a lighthearted way, so we can take joy in their reactions and revelations.

So we’re seeing a pair that is really communicating and working together, trying to do their best for the person they care about while also supporting them. It’s so refreshing and lovely! Especially since there are moments when Raffy is determining the causes of her fumes releasing, and Loren’s acceptance and willingness to continually die and revive so she can be herself is so fantastic.

Oh, by the way, Loren is dying all the time. It’s fantastic, hilarious, and handled so well. There were moments when I genuinely laughed out loud at some of the circumstances leading to his demise a few times. It’s just great, and one of the best running gags in a romantic comedy I’ve seen in the last few years.

Even though one of the leads is a living lethal weapon spewing poison, My Poison Princess is Still Cute is one of the romantic comedy manga series I’m most excited about thanks to its funny and lovable leads. I really appreciate the tone, the supportive nature of the characters, and the sort of humor expressed throughout. It’s just the right amount of heartfelt and silly, and I can’t wait to read more.

Volume 1 of the My Poison Princess is Still Cute manga is available now, and volume 2 will be released on April 16, 2024.

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