My Time at Sandrock Update Focuses on the Character Logan

My Time at Sandrock Update Focuses on the Character Logan

The latest My Time at Sandrock update is live, and it focuses on telling the story of the character Logan. Logan is an NPC who was mentioned in My Time at Portia and is a wanted criminal. He joins in Hey Old Pals Part 2 – The Secret Behind the Mask. (The first part of that update launched in November 2022.)

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Logan is a bandit in My Time at Sandrock. After his father Howlett died, Logan left Sandrock and began stealing from trains and engaging in illegal activities. While his past hasn’t really been explored prior to this, the new update will offer an opportunity to cross paths with him and find out more about his motivations.

Here’s a teaser video focusing on the new Logan storyline in My Time at Sandrock, though other characters appear in passing.

There’s also an almost 50 minute long developer stream discussing the addition.

Here’s the full list of My Time at Sandrock patch notes for the Hey Old Pals Part 2 – The Secret Behind the Mask update from Steam. The announcement also noted that, due to members of the team suffering from COVID-19, there may be bugs that will be fixed in the future.

  • Added the main stories
  • Added two-story dungeons
  • Added a mineral dungeon
  • Added some plots of Qi, Pen, Miguel, and Justice
  • Added some localizations for French, Spanish, Italian, German
  • Added the feature of NPCs looking for players to play
  • Added tones to bubble dialogues when NPCs join the party
  • Added some NPCs’ daily tones to bubble dialogues
  • Added new commissions
  • Added the face lift function
  • Added the mount training function, you can improve the quality of any mounts now
As a side note, the new content’s localization will be ready later. At the moment, we only have EN and CN ready.

  • Adjusted the ranch store so that perfect quality mounts are the highest stocked
  • Optimized NPCs’ performance when accepting gifts
  • Optimized the show room functionality
  • Optimized the display when changing settings
  • Optimized several previews of the show room, and more optimizations are underway
  • Optimized Yakmel cart confirmation pop-up display for the 2nd time
  • Fixed most bugs affecting player progress
  • Fixed Fang side quest and main quest conflicts
  • Fixed Fang side quest camera issues
  • Fixed an issue where Arvio’s side quest items were blocking the path
  • Fixed a bug with Arvio’s side quest
  • Fixed freeze issue when sparring
  • Fixed a bug where the Redrat could not attack players
  • Fixed bug where monster and player died at the same time
  • Fixed NPC poisoning debuff issue
  • Fixed an issue where some Civil Corps Commission icons were missing
  • Fixed an issue where cooking stations were unable to use materials from storage boxes
  • Fixed the attribute problem after equipment refinement
  • Fixed a bug where some new machines were not refined
  • Fixed an issue where some items could not be displayed in the Museum
  • Fixed an issue where treasure chests were not able to be opened in the Breach
  • Fixed an issue where Exquisite Frames could not replace photos
  • Fixed the wrong prompt for Magnesium-Chromium Brick
  • Fixed incorrect display of fine wood scrap output
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in an incorrect display of outfit equipment on the quick bar
  • Fixed an issue where the goggle model was in the wrong position
  • Fixed some gear and hairstyle modeling issues
  • Fixed time display issue in mount training prompt
  • Fixed an issue when NPCs riding the horse
  • Fixed issues with petting mounts
  • Fixed an issue where preferences were not displayed correctly after feeding the mount
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some buildings from accumulating snow in winter
  • Fixed an issue where some buildings were not visible on new saves
  • Fixed an issue where some monsters and rocks would overlap
  • Fixed the monster floating issue
  • Fixed camera issues in group photo mode
  • Fixed an issue where characters would sometimes speak without opening their mouths
  • Fixed some English typos
  • Fixed a text display bug in Paradise Lost
  • Fixed incorrect display of train stations in Russian
Known Issues
  • Amirah will eat at Arvio’s house during the Masquerade Ball quest
  • Contaminated Plierimp voice cannot be triggered
  • Footprint problems
  • Grace’s tongue is in an unusual position when she speaks
  • Heidi’s dialogue issue
  • In Mole Mineral Cave, open the treasure detector to scan, and the rock will glow blue
  • Mounts are spinning after the return
  • Planting knowledge negatively affects dew collectors
  • Some lag issues after new content
  • The task prompt on the map does not disappear after completing the Clear the Boulders quest
  • Unable to unlock Waste Not Want Not Achievement

My Time at Sandrock is available in early access for PCs, and the Hey Old Pals part 2 update is live now.

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