MyDearest Announces Project Megalith, Set Hundreds Of Years After Tokyo Chronos


project megalith 1

At TGS 2019, Tokyo Chronos developer MyDearest announced Project Megalith, the second game in the Chronos series. [Thanks, DenFamiNicoGamer!]


project megalith 2

Director Haruki Kashiwakura returns as the director of Project Megalith, while LAM is once again the character designer for the game. According to official sources, Project Megalith is set in the same world as Tokyo Chronos, only several hundreds of years later. Another key visual shown off shows a city in ruins in the background.


While platforms haven’t been announced, the game is likely to be another VR visual novel like Tokyo Chronos, and MyDearest are aiming to release the game in 2020. This time, MyDearest will not be holding a crowdfunding process.


Project Megalith is currently in development.

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