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N64-Style 3D Platformer FreezeME Confirmed For Wii U



Rainy Night Creations has announced that it’s now officially a Wii U developer on Twitter. And yes, that means its N64-style 3D platformer FreezeME will be heading to Wii U, as the announcement video above makes clear.


In FreezeME, you play as a girl called R, who is in possession of a camera that can freeze objects that it takes pictures of. R’s mission is to rescue her friend M who has been kidnapped by Fat the Cat.


To complete her mission, R needs to travel across four worlds in order to restore an ancient key. As she does so, she learns new abilities that allow her to reach new areas, and they may also help out when taking on bosses.


FreezeME still hasn’t been Greenlit yet, so if you’d like to also see it on Steam, lend it your vote.

Chris Priestman