Nagito Komaeda Danganronpa 10th Anniversary Figure Pre-Orders Open

Nagito Komaeda Danganronpa 10th Anniversary Figure

A new Nagito Komaeda Danganronpa figure is available to pre-order. This figure is modeled after special artwork that was created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Danganronpa series. The Nagito Komaeda Danganronpa 10th anniversary figure will cost ¥12,584 or roughly $115. Pre-orders for the figure are now open, and will ship on October 30, 2021. [Thanks, Figsoku!]

However, pre-orders for the figure cannot be canceled after May 25, 2021. Consumers may want to keep this mind before deciding to purchase the figure. The release of the figure may be postponed. If the release date does get pushed back, buyers will be notified by email. Additionally, images of the Nagito Komaeda figure were shared. You can take a look at these images below.

Other commemorative merchandise has included a deluxe book set. This book set features a total of four books, and spans over 1,500 pages. Each book contains various artwork, such as storyboards, character biographies, and concept art. Additionally, the book contained interviews and the results of various fan surveys.

In April 2021, it was revealed that Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony was in development for mobile devices. This release will include new functions, such as the “lie” function. However, there is still a lack of information regarding the release date for this port.

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