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Namco’s Teaser Is For Brave Company, A Hero Simulation Game [Update: No, It’s not]


Forget everything you guessed about Namco Bandai’s teaser site that went up last night. It isn’t .hack or Evangelion — it’s a Nintendo 3DS and iOS hero simulation game, according to this week’s Famitsu magazine.


Japanese retail blog, Sinobi, reports that the game, titled Brave Company, is developed by Cattle Call, who also developed Metal Max 3 for the Nintendo DS. In Brave Company, it’s your job to protect a city and keep the peace.


You play the role of the president of a hero-employment agency, and interview and hire heroes. Heroes can include characters like knights, archers, priests and wizards, and picking the right hero for the right job will increase your chances of success. The basic flow of the game goes something like this:

Hero recruitment > Dispatch > Return > Expansion of your hero agency


The music for the game is done by Professor Sakamoto, who’s an 8-bit musician that does performances wearing a Famicom over his head. Namco Bandai plan to release the game on the 3DS on October 27th. The iOS version will be out sooner in August.


Here’s a look at Professor Sakamoto, if you’re curious. He’s substituting for the in-game music and sound effects while someone plays Mario off the Famicom planted on his head:



Update: As some of our readers have rightly pointed out, the teaser website isn’t for Brave Company; it’s for a different game. We apologize for the error; harakiri is in order.

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