By Naming A Spell, You Decide Its Effects In A Magical High School Girl



Dungeon crawling RPG A Magical High School Girl casts players as a Yamanashi, a young girl who finds herself gifted with special powers after helping a witch. With these powers, she’ll be able to protect herself in the new magical world she finds herself in.




Players create their own magic in this game by typing out the name of a spell. By typing in an element name and an action or form for it to take, the player will be able to create their own spell effects. As an example, the developer shows that ‘Fireball’ will create a ball of flames, whereas “Firelance’ will create a different mixture of effects. Players are encouraged to play around with these names to create unique effects, and then make their favorites grow stronger over play.


Yamanashi will find herself in various procedurally-generated dungeons throughout the course of the game. The layout of the land changes each time she goes to a new place, but enemy behavior stays the same. As such, players will have to plan their attack for these creatures while navigating a new location each time. Combat is turn-based, though, so there is lots of time to decide on how to fight.




A Magical High School Girl is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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