Nanaca†Crash!!, The Bike Crashing Into A Dude Game, Is On iOS And Android



Remember that one Japanese flash game where you hit a guy as hard as you could with a bike to see how far you could send him flying, which often resulted in hilarious results? Well, you can now check out the game, Nanaca†Crash!!, which was recently released for smartphones.


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The goal of the game is pretty simple, as you basically start out by timing your angle and power that goes into hitting the poor lad named Taichi, to see how far you can send him flying.



After crashing into various characters, who sometimes give him an extra push or put him to a complete stop, Taichi eventually lands somewhere in the middle of the street, giving you a record on the distance.


The above video gives you a better idea of how it’s like. If you hit him right, he can even spend well over five minutes of air time for quite the distance.


The smartphone version has improved graphics, sounds and animation, along with 31 achievements and leaderboards. There are also some gallery contents that can be unlocked by achievements.


Nanaca†Crash!! is currently available for iOS here, and Android here.

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