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Nanako Shows Some Cute Moves To A Junes Mix In Persona 4: Dancing All Night



In Persona 4: Dancing All Night, Yu and the Investigation Team will be in the other world called the “Midnight Stage,” while Nanako and Rise’s idol friend Kanami will carry on their investigation in the real world. Atlus’ latest trailer for the game puts Nanako in the spotlight.



In the video, Nanako starts out by introducing herself as Nanako Dojima. It then shows her meeting Rise’s friend and fellow idol, Kanami Mashita, for the first time, and says she’ll help her out.


She is then seen telling her father, Ryotaro Dojima, to watch her, as she has learned how to dance. She’s pretty excited about learning how to dance, and when told that she’ll appear on TV, she says that she’d love to do so, if she can do it alongside Kanami.


Nanako asks herself is she could maybe be like Rise, and even though she doesn’t have any fans she’s going to do her best. She says that she’s a little nervous, but asks Yu to watch her, because she’s still going to give it everything she’s got.


At the end of the video, she says that she’s going to become Yu’s wife one day. For more details on the game’s story, you can check out more in our earlier report on how it’ll revolve around a cursed video on a certain website that has been making people get taken to the “other side”.


Persona 4: Dancing All Night will release in Japan on June 25, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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