PlayStation 4

Nani!? Hokuto ga Gotoku’s Demo Is Already Available To Try Out On PS4 In Japan



Hokuto ga Gotoku hasn’t been announced in the West yet, but those of you with Japanese PSN accounts can now try it out for free in a demo that is now live in Japan.


The demo is available over at the Japanese PlayStation Store. Its size is 7.65 GB to download and it doesn’t require a PS Plus account. As for the demo, it has a tutorial called “Hokuto Shinken Demo” mode, where you can try out its action. There’s also a “Story Demo” mode that will let you check out a bit of its story, explore Eden, and ride across the wastelands or to race.


Hokuto ga Gotoku releases in Japan on March 8, 2018 for PlayStation 4. You can check our previous report for a look at some “how to play” videos showing different levels of the game’s action.

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