Naruto and Sasuke SH Figuarts Figures Revealed

Naruto and Sasuke SH Figuarts Figures Revealed

Tamashii Nations announced that there will be new Naruto and Sasuke SH Figuarts figures. Both of them are based on designs from the series when it first began in 1999. Pre-orders are set to open by January 14, 2023. Naruto will release first, with a July 2023 launch window set. Sasuke will follow shortly after sometime in August 2023.

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While product pages aren’t available yet at places like Premium Bandai, there are some preliminary pictures showing the two figures and their accessories. First, here’s a look at the one for Naruto. It features an effect part for the Rasengan. Four different face plates are also shown.

Meanwhile, here’s how Sasuke looks. He comes with effect parts for the Chidori and Fire Style: FIreball Jutsu. Three face plates appear in the example photos.

There are already many Naruto series SH Figuarts characters. However, these tend to be from Naruto Shippuden and Boruto. Both Naruto and Sasuke frequently appear in each line. For example, there is even a Sage Mode variant of Naruto.

The Naruto and Sasuke SH Figuart figures’ pre-orders will open by January 14, 2023, with Naruto shipping in July 2023 and Sasuke following in August 2023.

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