Narutop Naruto Character Poll Winner Is Minato Namikaze

Narutop Naruto Character Poll Winner Is Minato Namikaze

Naruto Top 99 (Narutop99), an official worldwide character poll held to determine the most popular person in the series, is over and Minato Namikaze won. 792,257 votes were cast in his favor. As a result, series creator Masahi Kishimoto will create a one-shot starring Naruto’s father. The Fourth Hokage came in first, with Itachi Uchiha in second and Sakura Haruno in third.

Here are the top 25 people in the Narutop99 character poll.

  1. Minato Namikaze
  2. Itachi Uchiha
  3. Sakura Haruno
  4. Shisui Uchiha
  5. Kakashi Hatake
  6. Naruto Uzumaki
  7. Sakumo Hatake
  8. Sasuke Uchiha
  9. Madara Uchiha
  10. Hinata Hyuga
  11. Obito Uchiha
  12. Jiraiya
  13. Shikamaru Nara
  14. Tobirama Senju
  15. Gaara
  16. Hashirama Senju
  17. Deidara
  18. Neiji Hyuga
  19. Sasori
  20. Rock Lee
  21. Might Guy
  22. Kurama
  23. Orochimaru
  24. Hidan
  25. Kushina Uzumaki

There’s also an official Narutop99 video that goes through all the 99 characters who placed in the poll, starting Kohada in 99th and heading all the way up to Minato.

This Naruto Top 99 character poll kicked off back in December 2022. In the time since, updates appeared letting people know how characters were doing as time went by. For example, there was a top 50 midterm results announcement in January 2023. At that time, Minato, Itachi, and Sakura still held the top three spots. Along the way, smaller polls also came up that allowed people to vote on things like best fights in the series.

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