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Nasu And David Jiang Discuss Honkai: Star Rail and Fate in Interview

In a conversation between Nasu Kinoko (of Type-Moon and Fate fame) and David Jiang (of Honkai: Star Rail), the two discuss what they like about each other’s works and how Type-Moon has influenced Jiang’s creative process. This entire conversation can be read in Japanese on Denfaminico.

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To start with, David Jiang states that he grew up with Type Moon’s works, and cites Unlimited Blade Works in particular as an inspiration. He really likes Archer and Lancer. He also cannot deny that Clara and Svarog in Honkai: Star Rail aren’t homages of Illya and Berserker from the Fate series. Their similarities was the subject of many jokes when Honkai: Star Rail first went live.

As for Nasu, he has also stated that he played and enjoyed HoYoVerse games. In the beginning, he approached it from a place of “superiority and arrogance,” as he wanted to see what kind of content could be built using a foundation of Japanese otaku culture. However, as he continued playing, he realized that HoYoVerse games are an otaku’s dreams come true. He recognizes the passion and skills that HoYoVerse’s developers and programmers put into the game and thanks them. He also realized that HoYoVerse was serious with its “Tech Otakus Save the World” slogan.

Nasu also notes that HoYoVerse created Honkai: Star Rail with the idea that this is going to be a game that’ll go on for a very long time. This was something that he also tried to keep in mind when he initially created Fate/Grand Order. He wants players to be able to play it without any worries about it ending service. An RPG should feature a vast world, but the developers also need to spend time creating a background that’ll allow for an infinity of stories. In that sense, he immediately felt that HoYoVerse did a lot of preparation when it came to Honkai: Star Rail’s setting and lore.

Jiang confirms that he and the Star Rail team did a lot of work in advance and that a lot of characters and factions debuting in Version 2.0’s Penacony were actually teased way back in Version 1.0. Both creators have a high level of appreciation and respect for each other’s work, and they genuinely enjoy games for the other company. At the beginning of the interview, Nasu says that his friend wants to know if Klee will get a buff soon. Jiang replied that he couldn’t promise anything, but he’d pass the message along to the Genshin Impact team. Time will tell if this mutual respect and appreciation will lead to an official crossover or collaboration event down the line.

Honkai: Star Rail is readily available on the PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices, and Fate/Grand Order is also readily available on mobile devices.

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