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Navigating Hiiro no Kakera’s main menu


Hiiro no Kakera menuSince most of the main menu in Hiiro no Kakera is in kanji (like much of the actual game), figuring out what each button does can be a bit confusing. Especially since one option in the options menu can erase data. So after watching the beautiful introduction movie and tapping the introduction button (and being greeted with a happy "Ohayo!"), a menu with six options comes up.


The first option is to start a new game. If you tap this, it will offer two choices, the main Hiiro no Kakera game and a second mode labeled as "???". The "???" is the additional "Ano Sora no Shita" game and is locked until you beat the game once.


The second menu option is continue a saved game. Tapping this will bring up another screen where you can load saved files from the original game or Ano Sora no Shita.


The third menu option is an options menu. In this area you can adjust voices, text speed and clear data.


The fourth menu option contains some extras. The first option in the submenu has additional CG images with the guys and supporting characters that the player has unlocked through the course of the game. The second option is the mini-game menu, which will initially lead to another menu with two "???" categories. After you unlock the mini-games in the main story, they will appear here so you can play them anytime.


The fifth option is the DS exclusive dictionary. Every single term, place and character in the game has an entry here. After you come across the place, meet a person or hear a term, it will be added to the dictionary for future reference.


As for the final menu option, it's a bit of a mystery for now. It leads to a submenu with two "???" sections, which are most likely revealed after completing the main storyline.


Images courtesy of Idea Factory.

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