NCsoft’s Next Title Is A Mecha Action Shooter That Takes Place After World War III



NCsoft is known for bringing us titles such as Lineage, Guild Wars, and Aion, and they’re looking to add another big title to the list with Project HON, an upcoming mecha action/shooting RPG. 4Gamer shares more information from the recent NCsoft Premier event.


The game takes place on a future Earth, where the world has been polluted due to the effects of World War III, and mankind continues fighting to find places that are safe to live in. You’ll play as a soldier who can control a mechanic weapon using brain signals, also called the Project HON (Humanoid robot On Neuro-control), a technology that allows people to control the machines on the battlefield.


At first glance, it may look like a third-person mecha shooter but the game heavily focuses on cooperation between character classes, along with RPG elements such as weapon and parts customizations and upgrades. Additionally, it runs on the Unreal Engine 4.


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Here’s a little bit about the game’s story.


Year 2054:



The depletion of fossil fuel resources and the effects of global warming have made life for mankind tougher than ever. The Association of the American Continent has been at war in various parts of the world with the Association of Asian Continents for political rule and resources.


As disputes continued over control, it eventually started the third world war. Unlike past lengthy world wars, World War III was over in just three days. Due to all the radiation poison, the foundation of life was lost, and mankind continued to walk the path of decline.


Year 2079:



After 20 years of a dark era, humanity’s numbers have dwindled, and battles to occupy safe zones continue to rage on. Due to the environment making it difficult for humans to perform any actions, including war, they’ve developed robots that can be boarded by humans, and used as weapons of war.


In order to be more effective, with sharp actions and judgment, scientists researched so that the heroes of war can control these humanoid machines of war with their minds. The project was established as “Project HON”. The protagonist is a hero who fought in the war 25 years prior, and using the technology of Project HON, he and other heroes will fight to build a new foundation for mankind.


Here’s a look at some trailers for the game:




Project HON is in development for PC.

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