Necropolis Is A Stylish Roguelike With Monster Infighting, Brutal Combat



    You better be prepared for death. Over and over. Yep, Necropolis is the latest game with “brutal combat” that is served with the promise of multiple player murders. But, it has to be said, it does look especially exquisite in its executions.


    Necropolis is a third-person roguelike with a dark low-poly look and a combat system that emphasizes timing and animation. In it, you are the latest adventurer to enter Abraxis’s necropolis, where he has sat for centuries, guarding all of his treasures.


    The necropolis has killed thousands before you as it lures them in, using their life force to power its magical ever-shifting gauntlets, and reanimating their corpses as enemies.



    You must survive by using wit. This involves finding magic potions and mystical books to upgrade the abilities of your adventurer, granting them runes and spells. You’ll also want to play the environment against your attackers, as monsters will fight each other, and be lured by their favorite food.


    Harebrained Schemes, the studio behind Shadowrun Returns, are creating Necropolis. You can find out more about it on its website. For more visuals (including some great gifs) check out its Tumblr page. It will be coming to PC and consoles in 2016.

    Chris Priestman

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