Neon Genesis Evangelion Stage Play Will Appear in 2023

evangelion stage play kabukicho impact

A stage play based on Neon Genesis Evangelion will appear from April 28, 2022 as part of the Evangelion Kabukicho Impact. The stage play will be one of the many Evangelion events that will be occurring around that time in the Tokyu Kabukicho Tower. Other events include a special concert and a limited-time menu. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Tokyu Recreation’s Tokyu Kabukicho Tower will open up on April 14, 2023, with the hotel opening on May 19, 2022. It will be a building that combines entertainment (restaurants, movie theaters, etc.) with hospitality. Since the concept of the building is to “push what you like to the limits,” it has collaborated with Neon Genesis Evangelion. Not only is Evangelion highly popular worldwide, but it also has a connection to Tokyu Milano. Tokyu Milano was the predecessor to Tokyu Kabukicho Tower, and it aired basically all of the Neon Genesis Evangelion movies until it closed down.

The working title for the stage play is Stage: Evangelion Beyond. Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui is the choreographer for it. Cherkaoui previously choreographed ballets for Les Ballets de Monte Carlo and the Bavarian State Opera. The movie theater will also air Evangelion movies. Meanwhile, Hotel Groove Shinjuku will have Evangelion-themed rooms and foods. Lastly, at Zepp Shinjuku, Yoko Takahashi will perform a live concert. Takahashi is the singer of A Cruel Angel’s Thesis, which was the opening of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The Evangelion stage play will debut on April 28, 2023 as part of Evangelion Kabukicho Impact at Tokyu Kabukicho Tower. Tokyu Kabukicho Tower will be in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, Japan.

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