Neowiz Announces Bless Will Enter Open Beta In Korea On January 27th


Neowiz has announced that its MMORPG Bless will enter open beta in South Korea on January 27th (thanks MMOCulture). Two new trailers have also been released for the occasion – you can the “New World” trailer above and the “New Generation” trailer below.


Bless’ website has also been updated to include a download of the game that lets players create their characters until January 24th.

The main feature of Bless is its 100 vs. 100 battles. It will also have internal guild wars in order to determine each faction’s leader. There will also be a 3v3 PVP arena. If you’re looking to get into PVE, on the other hand, there are seven or eight dungeons planned and hundreds of monster types to defeat.


At the moment, only Korean, Taiwan, and Chinese servers have been confirmed. No plans for a western release have been announced.

Chris Priestman