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Nep-Nep Connect Details Its Story, More On Its Protagonist, Neptune, IF, And Other Guests



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Compule Heart shared new details on their upcoming free-to-play PS Vita card game, Nep-Nep Connect: Chaos Chanpuru, with information on its story and several Compile Heart characters.


After numerous dimensions combined into one, a world of disorder known as “Gyaos” was created.


Goddesses, fairies, Monster Girls, Verse Maidens, and demons. Even with all kinds of different life forms across its lands, the world saw days of peace go by.


However, such days wouldn’t last forever, as a special energy called “Chaos Energy” began bringing disaster to the land.


This Chaos Energy warped the hearts of numerous beings, and as it gradually infected and ate the world away bits at a time.


In order to save the world from the threat of Chaos Energy, a certain girl named Yuriina goes on a journey to gather “Gold Fragments” spread across the land.


During her journey, she encounters a young girl named Neptune. An unfortunate misunderstanding starts their encounter out with a challenge to fight from Neptune.


In the middle of the fight against Neptune, a Golden Fragment that Yurina was carrying began to glow…


The chaotic fate is now about to take a major twist.


Here’s a look at some of the key characters revealed so far:


Yuriina (CV: ???, Illustration: Manamitsu)


A bright girl with a lively personality, who opens up to people right away. She enjoys girl talk and some mischief, and mostly acts her age. In order to save the world from the threat of a special energy called “Chaos Energy,” she goes on a journey to collect “Golden Fragments,” which they say has the power to rewrite the world.


What awaits Yuriina where her Golden Fragment pendant that she wears on her chests points?


DCD (CV: ???, Illustration: Manamitsu)


DCD, short for Dimension Chaos Device. She’s a quiet person and isn’t much for showing emotion, and only speaks when it’s absolutely needed. She’s a mysterious woman who posses a crystal with special energy in it called Chaos Energy. Using this crystal, she’s able to turn living organisms into chaos. Her objective remains a mystery for now.




The goddess of Planeptune of the four continents. She was chasing IF and Compile after escaping from Planeptune, and that’s where she meets Yuriina and attacks her after a misunderstanding. If you’re wondering, she’s saying “Too bad! I’m not giving up the protagonist’s seat, even if the title is different!” in the image.



A secret agent of Planeptune. After being separated from Neptune, she heads towards Leanbox, and that’s when she meets and joins Yuriina.





Good friends with Neptune and IF, and she’s also a nurse. After getting leaving Planeptune with IF, she plans on running away from Neptune.




After being surrounded by monsters, Fang is saved by Yuriina and the others, and he decides to join them. His current goal is to eat all the B-class gourmet food from around the world.




A fairy who suffers from amnesia and becomes Fang’s partner. She’s wants to go around the world to collect Fury but she’s troubled by the lack of interest from her partner Fang.


Nep-Nep Connect: Chaos Chanpuru releases in Japan in 2016 for PlayStation Vita. Check out the game’s teaser trailer in our earlier report.

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