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How Nep-Nep Connect’s Story Starts Out With The Protagonist Meeting Neptune



Compile Heart shared the latest details on their upcoming free-to-play PS Vita card game, Nep-Nep Connect: Chaos Chanpuru, with details on how the game starts with its prologue and first chapter.


Yuriina, the protagonist, is a young girl who is traveling around the world in search of “Gold Fragments,” which are said to provide the power to be able to rewrite the world.


As she heads towards Leanbox as directed by her own Gold Fragment, she suddenly hears a noise coming from the forest, so she rushes to find out what’s going on.


This is where she meets two people that go by IF and Compile, confronting a girl named Neptune, who had monsters by her side.



In chapter 1, the group shows up in Leanbox.


They were going to meet up with the goddess Vert, but a big group of monsters showed up, bringing danger to the land of Leanbox before they could do so.


After working together to repel the monsters, the group tries to meet up with Vert.


However, nobody knows about the mysterious shadows behind the sudden mass appearance of monsters.


Nep-Nep Connect: Chaos Chanpuru releases in Japan in 2016 for PlayStation Vita. Check out the game’s teaser trailer in our earlier report, along with more details on its story and characters here.

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