Nero Is Bringing His Devil Breaker To Teppen


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October is apparently a good time to bring more Devil May Cry to Teppen. The mobile game will be getting Nero, based on his Devil May Cry 5 appearance. The official site noted that he will be released in October 2019 and went over some of the things people can expect.


Only a few elements of the Teppen The Devils Awaken Card Pack release were detailed. Nero is confirmed as the new hero, and a few of his Hero arts were announced. He’ll have a Devil Breaker that gives a unit +3 attack and the Spillover effect for one attack, a Hey, Nico! move that adds one of three cards to the EX Pocket, and a True Power ability that uses Growth to level up one unit. Growth is a new ability that will add Growth Points to strengthen a unit. Also, Anti-Air will appear as an ability to block Flight units.


Nero and The Devils Awaken Card Pack have received a trailer. (If you haven’t played Devil May Cry 5, be aware that it does contain spoilers for that game.) It is part of a release campaign that will give awards if it has received a certain number of views by November 6, 2019. As every achievement rewards milestone has been hit, all players will get three The Devils Awaken Pack Tickets and 50 Zenny.



An additional three trailers were added showing the Nero Hero Arts in action in Teppen.


Here’s Nero using Devil Breaker.


This is his True Power.


And here Nero is using “Hey, Nico!” to call Nico to have her bring Gerbera, Ragtime, or Tomboy cards to the EX Pocket.


Teppen is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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