NES Platformer Youkai Douchuuki Fan Translated Into English


youkai douchuuki 1

Fan translator jackic has created a near-fully translated English patch for Namco’s action platformer game, Youkai Douchuuki.


The game was released in 1987, and features a boy named Tarosuke, whom you may be familiar with if you played Namco X Capcom and/or Project X Zone 2. His mission is to travel through Jigoku (hell) while fighting off youkai, on his way to meet his fate as determined by Buddha. The game features multiple paths, and five endings to achieve.


Check out some screenshots below:


youkai douchuuki 2 youkai douchuuki 3



youkai douchuuki 4 youkai douchuuki 5


You can find the translation patch via the link here.


Youkai Douchuuki was originally released for the Nintendo Famicom.

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