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Net High Reveals A New Beef Bowl-Holding Otaku Character



Marvelous’ upcoming PlayStation Vita title is all about finding fake people who claim to enjoy their offline time more than anything while participating in battles that revolve around social media “likes”. The latest trailer for the game shows a new otaku-like character.


We previously got a look at “Mr. Elite” taking on the protagonist “Mr. Me” in what appears to be a battle of likes on a social media platform. Judging by the comments and endless praise that’s shown streaming on the background, he seems pretty popular.


It says that Mr. Elite will participate in what’s called the “Combustion Battle,” which is the name of the fights they have in Net Hight, where the loser blows up. Following, is a look at a new otaku character.


This unnamed character has a green towel, is wearing a shirt that says “gyudon,” or “beef bowl” on it. Unlike Mr. Elite, this guy doesn’t sound anywhere near as popular, with most of the comments being about his beef bowl shirt.


Net High will be an adventure game, where you’ll play as a freelancer protagonist named Mr. Me, who considers himself to be an avid Internet-user, or what they call a “non-IRL Person”. The actual IRL People are supposedly imposters of some sort, so they must be blown up. It sounds kind of confusing, but you can learn more about it in our earlier report.



Net High will release in Japan sometime in Fall 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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