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Net High Rewards You With Dates For Trolling On Twitter And Exposing Lies


014 Net High protagonist is a bit of a shut-in, but he’s comfortable with it. However, he isn’t happy with these so-called “IRL people” that have gained followers and popularity through their lies. 4Gamer shows us how he’ll expose them of their lies, and be rewarded with dates.



In Net High, you’ll go against people that are fulfilled with their real lives, and they’re confident with strong personalities.



The investigation parts of the game will take you through various parts in town like the busy downtown areas where people gather, and convenience stores, where you’ll go around to get convincing information on your future opponents.



The Explosive Flame battles take place once you have enough information to expose your opponent’s lies.



As a result of the Explosive Flame battles, you’ll get to meet girls and enjoy communicating with them as part of a “real-life experience.”


You might be wondering how exactly will you find out the truth behind the lies of these “IRL people” that claim to be happy with their fulfilled lives. Here are some more details on how it’s done:


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In order to find out more, you’ll need to dig out the latest gossip via Twitter, well, Net High’s version of Twitter. From here, you’ll bait and troll to get attention from their followers, and will also find out more information about your target. Depending on what’s said, you can even get followers of your own.


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Another way to investigate is through searching “Life Log”. This is done by using the latest technology wearable-device, simply called “Glasses,” that lets you see a trace of other people’s daily lives. Wearing this, you’ll get to see different words show up, where you can pick up on the latest gossip.



Once you get enough information through Twitter and the Life Log, it’ll be time to get inspiration on coming up with new gossip that will affect your target in a heated battle.



Once you beat an “IRL person” in a battle, you’ll be rewarded with some time to communicate with girls. These girls were previously on your target’s side during the investigation parts, but after exposing their lies, you’ll get a chance to get closer to them.


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However, you won’t get close just by exposing someone’s lies, so you’ll need to work on getting closer through conversation and getting to know them better. Once you do, you’ll get to flirt with them, and even find yourself in situations like resting your head on their laps.


However, keep in mind that that the protagonist Mr. Me is an “anti-IRL,” so he’ll have some work to do, and will need to “break the wall of their heart” before getting closer.


Net High will release in Japan on November 26, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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