PlayStation Vita

Net High Trailer Highlights Its Social Media Warriors



Net High is a PlayStation Vita title by Marvelous, where you’ll take on the role of “Mr. Me,” who made it his duty to expose the lies of people who claim to enjoy their offline lives. The latest trailer shows us more of the characters that will participate in the social media battles.


The trailer shows the protagonist Mr. Me looking pretty angry at his monitor, which could only mean that he must’ve found one of those fakers that supposedly like their offline lives more than being online.


In order to show the world that they’re telling nothing but lies, he’s going to have to challenge them in social media battles called “Explosive Destruction by Fire Battles.” After winning one of these battles, the losers get their lies exposed, while getting exploded as well.


Net High will release in Japan on November 26, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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