NetEase Reveals Angels of Death Skins in Identity V

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NetEase revealed the six skins that will be available when the Angels of Death crossover event goes live in Identity V. Some of the skins will be available in the Essence (gacha). You will be able to get the Gray skin for free by completing quests though. As well, the Zack skin will be in the shop as a package.

The Angels of Death characters that will appear as skins in Identity V are:

  • Cathy: Coordinator
  • Danny: Professor
  • Eddie: Axe Boy
  • Gray: Lawyer
  • Rachel: “Little Girl”
  • Zack: The Ripper

This will be the first A-tier skin for the Professor character, who debuted as a Survivor version of Evil Reptilian in 2022. Of all these skins, only the Zack skin for Ripper is an S-tier. More details about whether or not they will have unique animations will come out in the future. For reference, Perfumer’s Mio Amakura skin gave her a unique Camera Obscura effect when she uses her Euphoria. That skin was from the Fatal Frame event, which NetEase initially announced along with the Angels of Death one.

Angels of Death is an RPG Maker horror adventure game that initially came out as freeware in August 2015. Since then, it spawned several manga adaptations, a novel series, and an anime from J.C. Staff. It follows the story of Rachel, an amnesiac girl who wakes up in the basement of a hospital. She meets serial killer Zack and though she asks him to kill her, the two become partners in escaping.

The Identity V crossover event with Angels of Death will start from around May 31, 2023. NetEase has also announced an upcoming Sanrio crossover event. Identity V is readily available on mobile devices and Windows PC.

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