Netflix Anime Adds Deals With MAPPA, Science SARU, NAZ, and Mir

Netflix Anime

The Netflix anime train keeps rolling with new announcements, as the streaming giant teased new production partnerships with four prominent animation studios: Japan-based outfits Studio MAPPA, Science SARU, Studio NAZ, and the South Korea-based Studio Mir. These new connections come in addition to previously announced deals with studios like Production I.G., bones, Anima, Sublimation, and David Production. Other than the partnerships, no other details such as series or film names were announced.

Check out the teaser trailer Netflix released on October 22, 2020:

As noted in the trailer and the announcement tweet, these are “Production Line Partnerships,” which means that Netflix has a seat on the Production Committee for projects with the aforementioned studios. In anime production, production committees are made up of groups of companies with a shared interest in producing the project. Those companies might include the publisher for the original work in case of an adaptation, a toy manufacturer for merchandising, and increasingly, streaming platforms looking to secure content for their audiences. The level of influence any given part of the production committee has tends to vary by the project. That said, the involvement of Netflix Anime practically guarantees whatever results will see distribution via Netflix in most locations.

Netflix anime production line partnerships have already produced results. Production I.G. created the exclusive Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 CG series. Anima produced Altered Carbon: Resleeved, a spin-off of the Netflix-produced live-action sci-fi series. Sublimation created Dragon’s Dogma, and another partnership with Science SARU resulted in Netflix distribution for the Japan Sinks 2020 anime series.

Other Netflix anime series are still in the works, due out in 2021 and beyond. Spriggan by David Production, WIT Studio’s Vampire in the Garden, and Super Crooks by bones are the currently-announced pending shows. Chances are the results of the newest partnerships won’t be ready to air for a while yet.

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