Gamera Rebirth

Netflix Gamera Rebirth Anime Pits Gamera Against Five Kaiju

Netflix dropped more details on its upcoming kaiju animated series, Gamera Rebirth. The new anime, which was announced in November 2022, will put a new spin on the classic kaiju monster.

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The new announcement was also accompanied by a second Gamera Rebirth teaser trailer, uploaded by Kadokawa to its YouTube channel. Check it out below.

Billed as a new take on the iconic turtle-like giant monster, the Gamera Rebirth trailer also confirms that the show will be a limited series that lasts six episodes. The teaser shows a few shots of Gamera’s form, as well as a single glimpse of the kaiju silhouetted against the backdrop of a burning city. In the distance, another giant monster can be seen flying. The monster may be Gyaos, one of the five kaiju that Gamera will face in the series.

Netflix teased some art of Gyaos as seen in Gamera Rebirth when it promoted the teaser trailer.

Gamera has appeared in various films since 1965, when it was created by film studio Daiei to compete with Toho’s hit Godzilla series. Portrayed as a massive fire-breathing turtle that can walk on two legs, Gamera is a destructive presence that feeds on flammable and radioactive substances. Gamera can even fly by means of jet plumes that emerge from holes in his shell. Gamera’s appearances in the 1990s (the “Heisei” era in Japan), Gamera’s origin was altered, portraying the kaiju as a more benevolent defender of civilization. Gyaos was among its foes. The most recent film to star Gamera is 2006’s Gamera the Brave. 

The Gamera Rebirth anime is in production, though it does not yet have a release window.

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