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Netflix Live-Action Show Inspired by Kakegurui in Production

Netflix is working on an English live-action adaptation inspired by Kakegurui, with BET as the title. It will focus on Yumeko, a Japanese student who transfers to a boarding school. [Thanks, Anime News And Facts!]

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Here is a synopsis of the show, which Netflix posted:

“In BET, the boarding school’s hierarchy is upturned when Yumeko, a mysterious transfer student arrives from Japan with a dark secret and a gambling prowess that puts her in the crosshairs of the powerful Student Council. Ultimately, her revenge quest threatens to upend the school’s status quo entirely.”

Already, we can see some differences between BET and Kakegurui, aside from the obvious (the characters’ ethnicity and the setting’s country). In the original manga and anime series, a lot of Yumeko’s motivations for gambling and transferring to Hyakkaou Private Academy stemmed from her personal gambling compulsion and addiction. Though she does have a mysterious past, Yumeko has a somewhat hedonistic approach to the gambles that she engages in. However, this change could be to make the show interesting for those already familiar with the source material, as well as some audience members who want a protagonist with a more “compelling” story.

Simon Barry (Warrior Nun) is the writer, developer, and director. While we don’t know their roles yet, we do know these following actors and actresses will be in BET:

  • Anwen O’Driscoll
  • Aviva Mongillo
  • Ayo Solanke
  • Clara Alexandrova
  • Eve Edwards
  • Hunter Cardinal
  • Miku Martineau
  • Ryan Sutherland

Kakegurui (as well as another live-action adaptation) is readily available to stream via services such as Netflix. BET, the live-action show inspired by Kakegurui, is in production.

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