Netmarble Announces New Smartphone Action-RPG Blade Waltz

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Netmarble has announced that it will be launching a new action-RPG on iOS and Android this November called Blade Waltz.


It takes place in the world of Elysium which has become cursed after the power-hungry Lupinus caused the Elems (a race of gods) to flee to save the humans. You play as one of three half-Elem characters who have the ability to stop Lupinus and can summon the other two to help you in battle.


Those three characters are as follows:



“Gordon lost his mother at a young age, but Luan, an Ancient Elem, adopted him for her own. After the Elems left, they lived quietly in secret until she learned that Lupinus was looking for her because he wanted the Metaforce for himself. Fearing for their lives, Luan shared her Metaforce with Gordon and instructed him to go to the Council. Then she vanished. Not understanding why she disappeared, he honored her wish and began his journey to find the Council.

A simple and honest man who hates needless battles. However, if the objective is clear, Gordon will do all that he can to fight for the cause. Influenced by the time he lived in a machine civilization with his mother, he favors his heavy mechanic armor and mace.”



“She was once an Elem, but chose to live her life as a human. Her memories were erased due to conflict between Ellie and Luan, an Ancient Elem. Although she was content with her life as a bounty hunter, when the monsters arose and took over the lands, the Metaforce that flowed in with them triggered her forgotten memories. One day, she heard that someone was killing Elems that chose to live as humans. Realizing that someone was after her, she began her own investigation.

As a bounty hunter, she travels through many cities and lives a carefree life. She is energetic and active, complete with brains to boot. She wields dual pistols and is skilled at laying traps during battles.”



“He was born of an Elem god and a human woman. Starfell came home one day to find that his mother and father had been ambushed by Lupinus the leader of the Nefario. With his dying breath, he told Starfell about his true lineage, the Half Elems. He urged him to go find the other Half Elems
and head to the Council. When Starfell sensed a presence near his home, he quietly slipped outside and disappeared. Thus, he started his journey to avenge his parents.

He is always articulate and well-mannered, thanks to his polite upbringing. As the son of an Elem, he never loses his composure, even in battle. His weapon of choice is a broadsword. It may seem like his technique is a bit unstable at the beginning, but as he gets more experience, his sword skills continue to grow.”

When Blade Waltz launches it won’t only have its main Scenario for you to beat but will also offer PvP, Tag Team Battles, Boss Raids, and Material Dungeons.


You can get an idea of how Star Waltz plays with the closed beta footage above. You can also pre-register on its website to receive three limited weapon costumes and 200 gems once the game launches.

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