Netmarble On How King of Fighters All Star’s Global Version Will Pace Itself With The Korean Version


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    The King of Fighters All Star, a sidescrolling action RPG featuring a gacha card system, is set to release globally on smartphones next week, and recently global version publisher Netmarble held an interview where they talked about whether the game will keep pace with the Korean and Japanese versions, which are celebrating its first anniversary. [Thanks, Bahamut!]


    Here are the highlights:

    Will the global version add any new content or gameplay? Will events follow the KR/JP versions? Or are there other plans?

    Ying Chen, The King of Fighters All Star global version manager: “Regarding events and new fighter releases, there may be slight adjustments regarding the timing and order, but will essentially follow the KR and JP versions. However, what’s different this time is the “personalization” of content, meaning that players unlock copies of fighters at the rate they play. This allows players to have the optimal game experience no matter when they join.”


    With the Japanese version reaching one year, how will the global version catch up with the JP version?

    Chen: “As I mentioned, the personalization aspect allows global players to experience the exciting game contents optimally.”


    The King of Fighters All Star is immediately available for Android and Apple iOS devices in Japan. It will be released worldwide on October 22, 2019.

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