New Animal Crossing Plush Toys Include New Horizons’ Flick and C.J.

San-Ei will release more Animal Crossing plush toys in Japan in mid-July 2021. The lineup includes Flick and C.J. who debuted in the latest title, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

The New Horizons debutants Flick and C.J. are not the only plushes in the lineup. It will also include Blathers, Celeste, Gulliver, and Pascal. All characters in this lineup have appeared in New Horizons. While most of them have appeared since the game’s launch, Pascal was added later through the version 1.3.0 update in July 2020. Each plush will be available at 2,200 yen (~$20).

San-Ei had previously released plushes of Isabelle, K.K. Slider, Timmy/Tommy, Bunnie, Fauna, and Kicks. They will also be sold again together with the above new plushes. Other than Animal Crossing, San-Ei will release more plushes related to Nintendo franchises, such as Kirby in mid-July 2021 and Pikmin in early August 2021. It will also sell plush toys based on other IPs like Digimon.

More Animal Crossing-related plushes are also appearing in North America and Europe. Build-a-Bear has been releasing plush toys of Tom Nook and Isabelle. The retailer recently revealed on May 11, 2021, that it will sell new bundles with their winter outfits. It will also add a third character in Summer 2021.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is immediately available worldwide on the Nintendo Switch. It has sold 35.9 million units as of March 2021. It also won the highest awards from various Japanese game award shows in 2020, such as the Japan Game Awards and the Famitsu Dengeki Game Awards.

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