New Animal Crossing Plushes Include Raymond

Animal Crossing Raymond plushes

Nintendo and Sanei will add more Animal Crossing plushes, including one of Raymond, to its All Star Series collection. Others include Chrissy and Francine. According to the Tweet, the plushes will become available some time in either the spring or summer of 2022. Details such as prices will appear in the near future.

While Sanei did not list the exact dimensions of the dolls, the picture does give a good idea of the general sizes. Raymond is perching on a short stump, with an apple next to him, as well as around him. From the looks of the picture, he appears to stand at around three apples tall. In the announcement Tweet, Sanei states that other characters will appear alongside Raymond, Chrissy, and Francine. However, it does not specify the exact number of additional characters. For reference, when the earlier batch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons plushes appeared in May 2021, Sanei released six at once.

The six Animal Crossing plushes prior to Raymond, Chrissy, and Francine include characters such as K.K. Slider, Fauna, and Celeste. Replies to Sanei’s Tweet announcing the three new plushes consist of fans requesting merchandise of their favorite villagers. For those who are interested in other Nintendo intellectual properties, Sanei also released plushes of characters from Super Mario Bros. and Pokemon.

The Raymond, Chrissy, and Francine Animal Crossing dolls will come out in spring or summer 2022. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is readily available on the Nintendo Switch.

Stephanie Liu
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