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New Atelier Rorona Shares A Look At Some New Costumes And Accessories



New Atelier Rorona brings a different chibi-style look to Atelier Rorona, along with a new battle system. There will also be a good number of new costumes for the characters. Here’s a look at some of the outfits the characters will get.


003 004 007

Totori’s “Lady Cute” and Meruru’s “Engel Mirage”.


005 006 008 009

Cordelia’s “Noble’s Black Garment” and Lionela’s “Street Performer’s White Garment”.




013014 016015

The above is a look at the “Puni Hood” accessory. This one can be equipped by all the characters.


Here’s a look at some more costumes:


017 018

019 020 021 022


In Atelier Rorona, you can attack monsters and use skills to fill up your special attack meter. Once it fills up all the way, you can do major damage against monsters with various attacks.


023 024 025

026 027

028 029

030 031

032 033

As shown in the above screenshots, all the characters have their own unique little scenes for their special moves, and you can expect to see them look cuter than ever in New Atelier Rorona.


034 035

036 037

There are some events that only happen once a year, like the Cabbage Festival, where you’ll get to go around looking for cabbage for a chance to win the grand prize.


038 039

040 041

While the Cabbage Festival takes place in the first year, you can participate in the Battle Arena competition on the second year, where you’ll get to test your strength to see if you can win three rounds for the win.


Finally, here’s a look at a couple familiar characters in their chibi-forms:


Haggel Baldness:


043 042


Cowle Durer:


046 045


New Atelier Rorona will release in Japan on June 4, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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