New Barret FFVII Ever Crisis Trailer and Wallpaper Video Appear
Image via Square Enix and Applibot

New Barret FFVII Ever Crisis Trailer and Wallpaper Video Appear

To help offer more insight into the new FFVII Ever Crisis Barret Electrocannon gun arm and Electroarmor gear, Square Enix offered a gameplay trailer and wallpaper video. Both showcase the new equipment people can get from the half anniversary banner for the character.

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First, here’s the FFVII Ever Crisis Barret gameplay trailer showing him wearing the Electroarmor and using the Electrocannon. During it, he uses the Energization C.Ability that deals AOE lightning damage and possibly reduces enemies’ physical and magical damage under the right circumstances. As for the attire, it boosts Barret’s health and has an Indomitable Soul ability that boosts his physical and magical attack and defense.

The second video showed us the latest wallpaper for Barret in the FFVII spin-off. Again, he’s equipped the Electrocannon and wearing the Electroarmor. 

As a reminder, there is a FFVII Ever Crisis half anniversary promotion tied to a banner for this character. You are guaranteed to get at least one five-star weapon on the guaranteed draw Barret and Red XIII banner. However, you do need to use 1,500 Red Crystals for a 10-draw to get that offer.

The last FFVII Ever Crisis gameplay trailers and wallpaper videos looked at Bunny Tifa and Party Jacket Cait Sith. That banner is also live until April 21, 2024.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is available for PCs and mobile devices. The FFVII Ever Crisis Electrocannon Barret and Ivy Color Red XIII banner will be available until April 28, 2024. 

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